About Us

JAF Industries was created, in 2005, to reach out to the general public with a new concept to inform and help homeowners with the dilemma facing them in protecting their open and exposed PVC pipes. JAF Industries created a virtual town, called Sunnytowne. In Sunnytowne, all seems well until you look on the roofs and see a whole different scenario. You see a lonely PVC pipe, named Pipey, who is being picked on and battling forces that are out to stop him up and causing him to become sick and bloated. With the people down below not aware that before their very eyes their homes are being invaded, a hero is needed to save the day. Pipey dreams of a hero who comes along called, 'Fit the Wonder Cap'. He comes on the scene with a solution to Pipey's dilemma. He will put on an E-cap that will protect Pipey from the elements out to harm Pipey, and in the process cost the homeowners time and expenses.

A video about the adventures of Fit the Wonder Cap and Pipey was created and soon thereafter an interactive video game called "Homeowner's Revenge," is quite entertaining and was produced to help homeowners learn about the problems facing them and discover the solution to the real problems that are facing them.

JAF Industries targets the E-Cap for use on 90%+ Furnace vent pipes, PVC plumbing vent pipes, and Radon vent pipes.